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I like your treatment on the recipes side, particularly the prologue to the East Indian Food. I find that if I buy stuff at the store that are building blocks for various meals we're good to go. In fact, I can't recall ever being in a situation where I couldn't make something for dinner, and we're not talking the stuff my Dad made, like sh!t on a shingle (creamed chipped beef on toast).

Looking forward to add'l postings.

Good luck!

Grandmother Judith

Dear Daddydoit. My 12 and 13 year old granddaughters are coming for a visit this summer. It used to be easy to entertain them - swimming, camping, zoo etc. Except for swimming if it is hot, the rest of the outdoor activities are now "boring!". There are a few relatives to visit but I fear that 20 minutes with the older aunts will be enough. They tweet and twitter [whatever that is] and shop. There must be other activities to engage them. Any ideas??

Grandma Judith

Thanks for all the great ideas! This Grandma has been inspired to search out all sorts of other goodies. I recommend Comedy of Errors at the Shakespear Festival in Winona with a visit to the Eagles on the river on the way down and seeing the Nina and Pinta visiting on the river. With museums, baseball, swimming and fondu cooking, I will be exhausted but happy!

Now another question.I suspect that I will be taking them on a shopping spree for school. I am generally appalled by some of the styles of the teen gers today but understand that they need to be like their peers. What to do?

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